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Who is the ideal customer type for Strativise?

Strativise was founded to serve industrial B2B companies. Our ideal clients are manufacturers, distributors, packagers, engineering firms, and MRO service companies that supply engineered products and critical components in industrial markets.

Why was Strativise started?

Our founder, Nate Maguire, spent nearly two decades working in industrial manufacturing companies before setting out to start a marketing agency. Over the course of his corporate career, he encountered the same marketing capability gaps and misalignment over and over again. It was clear that the industry had lagged in terms of adopting modern and effective marketing. In 2019, armed with a wealth of knowledge, he joined an industrial IoT start-up called AMI Global as Vice President Sales & Marketing. There he built the sales and marketing machine that propelled the company to high double-digit growth. Then, in 2022 he set out to build an agency to help industrial companies improve their marketing and grow their businesses. Strativise was born.

How is Strativise different from other agencies?

We like to say that we aren’t your grandfather’s agency. By that we mean that our agency is different from traditional marketing agencies in several important ways. First, we are a team of specialists with a hands-on approach. Unlike other agencies, we don’t have needless layers of management where senior supervisors oversee junior employees who are doing the work. Our clients get to work directly with experienced specialists. Second, we’re 100% virtual. With no brick and mortar overhead or geographic limitations, our team is agile and ready to “bolt on” to your organization seamlessly. Third, we only service industrial clients. We understand industrial markets, and our domain expertise is strong.

What is it like to work with Strativise, and how much does it cost?

We work with clients in a few ways. The first is on a per-project basis where clients outline a scope of work. These projects are often associated with a new product launch, strategic initiative, or an M&A need. They are quoted individually based on the scope of work required. 


The second way Strativise works with clients is through an ongoing engagement. We begin engagements with a research and planning phase, which includes an audit of existing marketing systems as well as setting business objectives. The outcome of this phase is an integrated marketing plan with key performance indicators (KPIs). This phase generally lasts three to six weeks, depending on complexity of your organization and the availability of your team members.


The next phase is implementation. Clients can expect to spend between $6,000 and $12,000 per month with Strativise, depending on their needs. Clients who are able to take on more of the marketing work internally can anticipate lower monthly costs, while clients who will rely on Strativise for full-service marketing support will be on the higher end of this range. Clients should also plan for software, media/advertising, and other costs in addition to Strativise fees.

How are engagements run at Strativise?

Nate Maguire, our company Founder, is responsible for all customer engagements. He leads a team that is composed of experts in the required fields (i.e. website development, content strategy, media buying, etc.) as well as a project director. Throughout the project, our specialists will join or exit the core project team seamlessly, based on the scope of work underway, and deliverables and reporting will be provided by Nate and/or our director of project management. This hands-on approach is what sets Strativise apart from other agencies.

How can I know Strativise is a good fit for my company?

If your company is an industrial company based in North America, and you supply or service engineered products, are business-to-business (not business-to-consumer), and have complex or tiered channels to market, we may be a good fit if you are trying to:

  • Reach more target decision makers with compelling value propositions
  • Accelerate growth initiates 
  • Fill your new business pipeline 

The next step is to schedule a no-strings exploratory call with our founder, Nate Maguire. Then, we’ll do some research and prepare a proposal for your company.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a no-strings meeting with our Founder, Nate Maguire.

Whether you move forward with Strativise or not, it will be a worthwhile conversation.

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